Fantom Phiddler (fantomphiddler) wrote in morallybankrupt,
Fantom Phiddler

War from a distance – Hide and seek

<td> He has a punk hairstyle and wears a crusader’s breastplate. In his hands are a broken air rifle and a silver-plastic cowboy-gun. This is not a nightmare but some game. He looks up at me, worried. “Have you seen two little children? We’re playing hide and seek. I’m a Christian. They are Iraqis. I’ve got to find them but I don’t want to get shot.” I shake my head, ask if he has looked over there, point at the shrubs. He wanders around the corner. I wonder, where would I hide here in this village, If I didn’t want to get shot? An empty wheelie bin? Under shrubs? Birds sing out from the hedges. It is nesting time A magpie watches from an elm. He comes back, small boy in tow. He carries a cardboard shield and a potato gun. “He gave up,’’ says his brother. “He’s on my side now.” A small girl wanders around the corner by the pub that is also the post office and corner shop. She wears blue ribbons and carries a water pistol. “Bang, bang! You’re dead!” her brother says. She falls to the ground laughing. It is only a game. 25th April 2003 </td>
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