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i guess she felt that, by twenty one, he still needed warning. she pulled him aside from the bar, out to the patio, to tell him how her friend is quick to get bored, and "she just doesn't want to see him get hurt." how he's a "sweet guy" and she's a "nice girl", but he "just shouldn't get too attached." because she has a lot to work through since her last serious boyfriend [who she lived with for a year] "Really fucked her up".
she sees this kid as much as i see him; about once a week at karaoke, and only knows from he and his friend's falsetto renditions of 80's cock rock athems that he has a keen sense of humor and a drinking problem. yet these few clues lead her to believe that she knows he's not a complete asshole, himself, concerning romantic interests, or that he doesnt reserve any/all intimacy and companionship for his few select best friends.
or maybe, once a week, he calls an ex who moved three states away last fall, so he can dump everything out. because "she's the only woman he truly trusts", even though he had to break up with her because he was "too scared of the commitment at the time." yeah, how alannis morrisette "ironic" it was that she move and he finally break through his fear of opening up to those he loves. or something like that. all this safety for the price of ten cents a minute, although he's considering getting a cellphone for that kickass thousand minutes on nights and weekends plan.
i came out of the bathroom to see her administer a consoling-hand-on-the-shoulder and sincere-look-in-the-eye. they nodded in understanding and headed back inside to catch the ending of someone butchering an REM song. relationships are expected to end badly when you're young. just like karaoke and job interviews.

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