Fantom Phiddler (fantomphiddler) wrote in morallybankrupt,
Fantom Phiddler

1-025 Unrhymed Sonnet - Spring

<td> In the long grey battle of winter come slow I longed for the bright green of early spring that reaches the heart through the eye and the mind to gladden the spirit and uplift the soul: for the tiny tight fists on the chestnut stem that turn to huge hands lifted up to the sky; for the soft furry buds on the willow tree that lengthen to catkins of dangled gold. In the pine-green and red of Christmas time I longed for the yellow of springtime’s dawn: for primroses, daffodils, dandelion flowers, for broom in the garden and gorse on the hills</p>

And now in the lavish spring so quickly come I can't gather it in, help me gather it in!


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